Data & GIS Officer (Turkey & Syrian nationality only), Gaziantep

Description : Data & GIS Officer (Turkey & Syrian nationality only), Gaziantep. Company : Assistance Coordination Unit. Location : Gaziantep

Job Purpose

To be responsible for developing and managing a series of databases for various activities, and as assigned undertakes information analysis and generates reports, tables, graphs and maps, to support the mission of WASH.

Key Responsibilities

§ Key Responsibility:

o Data Collection

§ Formulate, implement, and enforce proper data collection policies and procedures

§ Train field staff on data collection tools and equipment

§ Implement quality control activities

o Data Management

§ Develop and implement data management plans

§ Oversee data management work performed by colleagues at the central office and field staff

§ Ensure data systems are operational

§ Manage data entry works/teams

§ Troubleshoot data submission errors and data error issues

§ Perform and document procedures for data preparation including data cleaning, standardization and analysis

§ Be responsible for quality control procedure including communication with the field to verify data and check quality.

§ Regularly back up data and maintain archiving methodologies.

§ Ensure data management procedures and projects have set timelines and meet established deadlines

§ Data reporting and analysis

§ Understand and ensure privacy law and standards

§ Produce weekly, monthly data reports

§ Develop ad-hoc reports as necessary

§ Assist in defining and/or creating data listings, summary table validation, data specifications and/or process data transfers in preparation for regular review and/or data management audit

§ Participate in the preparation and presentation of data, when applicable

§ Assist in developing means to correct the problems


§ Create and maintain the structures necessary for GIS data storage

§ Supervision and monitoring of mapping related data collection

§ Create maps

o Software Development

§ Assist in developing a web site to present GIS data and tools and reports

Note: the above mentioned key responsibilities/accountabilities are illustrative ones. Another future responsibilities/accountability may be assigned to the job depending on the department organizational chart.

Qualification (Education/Work Experience)

A. Essential :**

§ Bachelor degree in computer science or related field

B. Desirable :**

§ 5 years of experience in data management

§ Familiarity with NGOs regulations

§ Excellent English (written and spoken)

§ Working knowledge of WASH database applications

Core & Technical Competencies

A. Core Competencies:

§ Communication

§ Teamwork

§ Planning and Organizing

§ Accountability

§ Creativity

§ Technological Awareness.

§ Commitment to Continuous Learning

§ Effective oral and written communication skills

§ An ability to get on with people of different backgrounds

B. Supervisor/Managerial Competencies:

§ Leadership

§ Building Trust

§ Vision

§ Managing Performance

§ Empowering Others

§ Judgment/Decision-making.

C. Technical Competencies:

§ A positive nature and be a self-starter

§ Attention to Detail

§ Ability to Explain Complicated Issues in Nontechnical Terms

§ A positive nature and be a self-starter

§ Excellent in MS Office (Excel, Access, Word etc.)

§ The ability to work in a pressurised environment and meet targets and deadlines

§ Good in data collection tools (ODK, Kobo)

§ Good in GIS tools (ArcGIS, QGIS)

§ Good in Power BI

§ Good IT literacy skills